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Hey there, I'm Mizhar Raja,
Your friendly neighborhood freelancer!

I whip up websites and web systems so stunning, they'd make the Mona Lisa blush...

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Meet our tech whizz-kid, a young and zesty IT guru who's always up for a good challenge. This guy could sell ice to an Eskimo with his communication skills! His secret weapons? A brain that would make Einstein jealous, creativity that Picasso would applaud, and an adaptability that even chameleons can't match. He's like a techy Tarzan, swinging from change to change on his way to the top!

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  • Netbeans IDE
  • WAMP
  • VS Code
  • Android Studio IDE
  • All Browsers
  • Arduino IDE
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effect

Skill Levels

Hold on to your hats, folks! Here's a sneak peek into the rollercoaster ride that is my story timeline. Buckle up!

Way back in 2010, I embarked on my epic quest through the mystical land of IT. My trusty sidekick, Sasvathan, bestowed upon me his ancient IBM laptop - a relic of power and wisdom!

If the thought of reading my life story from the start makes you want to yawn, fear not! Just give this link a click and it'll catapult you straight into my present shenanigans. If not, buckle up and let's take this chronological roller coaster ride together!

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Colombo Bambalapitiya, my best buddy and I embarked on a geeky adventure at the ICBT City Campus. We signed up for "Hardware with Networking" - sounds like a computer's cocktail party, doesn't it? The college was as enjoyable as a slice of raspberry pi! The lecturers were cooler than liquid nitrogen-cooled processors and friendlier than an easy-to-use software update. And guess what? In 2011, I triumphantly crossed the finish line of this techno-journey!

Established in 2000, ICBT City Campus is a leading tertiary education provider in Sri Lanka, boasting the largest number of students in the private sector higher education industry. Popularly known as ICBT Campus, it offers a range of programs including certificates, diplomas, Higher National Diplomas, pre-university programs, undergraduate programs, and master's level programs in collaboration with top universities and educational service providers in the UK. ICBT Campus is located in a purpose-built, state-of-the-art main campus in Colombo 4, with branch campuses in Kandy, Matara, Galle, Nugegoda, Kurunegala, Jaffna, and Batticaloa. University partners of ICBT Campus include Cardiff Metropolitan University UK, Liverpool John Moores University UK, Sunderland University UK, and Birmingham City University UK.


ICBT - City Campus

So, I embarked on a new academic adventure called "ACCESS Programme (Degree Foundation)" at the Hogwarts of practical learning, BCAS (British College of Applied Studies). Guess what? I snagged the top-dog award in this course! And to add some extra spice to my life, I'm also wrestling with English language classes.

This four-month course will lead you towards mastering computer use in all its aspects, including programming and Internet technology. A significant feature of this program is the incorporation of a Communicative Approach and a unique English syllabus. The curriculum covers two main areas: Information Technology and English. Upon successful completion of the course, students will earn six different certificates, two of which are awarded directly by our UK partners. At the end of this four-month program, students can choose a path of their desire, and further training will be provided based on their selected paths.

2011 - 2012


I decided to crank up the brain juice and dove headfirst into a super fancy course called "BTEC HND in Computing". Same old college, but they shuffled me off to a different department (Building). I guess they figured I needed a change of scenery!

The Higher National Diploma, commonly known as BTEC HND, is a prestigious qualification offered by Edexcel. HNDs are available in over 9 major disciplines and consist of 16 units that can be completed at approved Edexcel centers. This vocational qualification, awarded by Edexcel in the UK, serves as a pre-degree qualification. Upon successful completion of the BTEC HND, students are guaranteed placement in the second or third year at any university or college in the UK or abroad. For those who have excelled at A-Level, pursuing a BTEC HND is an ideal pathway to obtaining a degree or acquiring an internationally recognized qualification that opens doors to lucrative job opportunities in various fields. The program strikes a perfect balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Graduates of BTEC HNC/HND have access to enhanced employment prospects and potential for further education, such as pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree, leading to even better career opportunities. Regardless of the country where you undertake this course, the qualification holds global recognition for both employment and university admissions, often granting exemptions of 1-2 years.


BCAS City Campus

My maiden voyage into the IT world was with a company that was basically the Disneyland for newbies. I scooped up heaps of experience, wrestling with real-world tech monsters and got showered in top-notch training. Sure, the paycheck could've used a few more zeros but hey, you can't have your cake and eat it too!

Incitomedia is a web development company based in Puttalam, Sri Lanka. They offer white-label IT services to companies worldwide. Their team comprises passionate web developers and data entry professionals who have been working on various web projects since the company's inception in 2011. Whether it's a small online email form or a full-blown marketplace developed using LAMP, you can always rely on them to get the job done. They provide innovative web development solutions to help companies grow their online presence and serve clients globally from their office in Puttalam, Sri Lanka.



So, I packed my bags and jetted off to Dubai, landing a gig at an IT company. But let me tell you, it was about as much fun as a root canal. The language barrier was like trying to decipher alien hieroglyphics and the tech scene? Let's just say they weren't exactly on the cutting edge. After two years of feeling like a hamster on a wheel - same old projects, same outdated software - I decided enough was enough! My growth mindset felt like it had been stuffed in a closet. So, I started hunting for greener pastures because this place wasn't exactly Silicon Valley!

Here's a quick blurb about PREGO International: Offering a comprehensive media solution that boosts your profits and attracts new business. In simple terms, we make sure you stand out and quickly turn that attention into revenue. As a boutique branding and marketing specialist located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we deliver results because we have to - our success is tied to yours.

So, I packed my bags and hopped over to a new gig in Dubai, thinking it'd be all sunshine and rainbows. But guess what? It was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire! The same old headaches for another year. Finally, I threw up my hands and said "Enough is enough!" Next stop? Good ol' Sri Lanka!

Few words About Company: "The creative spark, the thinkers, the dreamers and innovators, they are the people who drive results and make ideas reality, and this is the core of our business code as they are one among the creative advertising agencies Dubai. Whether it is the designers, project managers, consultants, developers, writers, technicians, art directors, proof readers, information architects or account directors, everyone in every position here at Excellence Code shares that same spark, same ambition and the same dreams."

So, this is their version of the story about the company, but I smell something fishy. It's like they're selling ice to an Eskimo! You catch my drift, right?


Excellence Code

At long last, I've landed back in my homeland, Sri Lanka - the land of tea and elephants! I've hitched my wagon to a company that's growing faster than a cheetah on roller skates. They're so high-tech, it makes me feel like I'm still using an abacus. But hey, no worries! I'm learning and growing with them - soon enough, they'll be calling me the tech guru!

A few words about the company: Based in Puttalam, Sri Lanka, they specialize in creating top-notch software, mobile apps, and websites for the next generation.

Friends, not mercenaries. The strong chemistry among team members leads to a smoother experience for their clients.

Geared towards getting a good night's sleep, they only take on projects that they find interesting and fun. While making a living is important, it's even more crucial for them to hit the hay feeling super excited about their work.

Experienced shippers believe that good engineering and design are just a means to an end. By helping clients clarify the scope of work, they eliminate unnecessary extras and deliver projects on time and within budget.

2018-2024 (till now)

Silver Rays Technologies - []

I'm still here, alive and kicking. The journey is far from over, it will go on...